We’re still in the infancy stage of the “S” curve as major retail brands have been attempting to implement beacon connectors since 2014. Early adopters achieve the coveted “first mover’s advantage” and are now beginning to reach mobile users in what’s referred to as hyperlocal or nearby their place of business. This form of digital smart sandwich boarding is a no-brainer when combined with a proven cloud-based dashboard that easily manages all content–at all locations–from one screen.

Our Beacon facts and features:

  • Hardware cost for each radio transmitter = under $50 per beacon
  • Signal broadcasts of chosen notification | messages per month = UNLIMITED
  • Signal reach = customizable up to a 300-foot radius (600-foot diameter) aka hyperlocal
  • Language preference recognition = 12 standard automatic translations
  • Frequency of notifications | messages = customizable so the user won’t become agitated
  • Monthly cost for UNLIMITED impressions = Negotiable by volume but insanely inexpensive


A NOTIFICATION notifies about an opportunity to receive discounts at a nearby brick and mortar, effectively disrupting decisions in a hyperlocal space – driving new prospects or foot traffic towards the location’s offer and away from competitors.

  • Connects to Android smartphones, not iOS Apples
  • Reach = 55% of US market via Android (80%+ international)
  • Non-intrusive (no ring and no vibrate)
  • Visible to Android users on their screen’s shade
  • Once “seeded” to the Android device, the notification forces a decision (and makes an impression):
    • Not interested by the flick of the finger, causing the tab to disappear from the shade
    • Interested by pressing the tab which delivers the rich media content
  • The rich media content includes your video offer, maps, sign-ups for loyalty programs, redirect to Facebook or Instagram, access to Wi-Fi, or app download encouragement

A MESSAGE informs about a nearby opportunity to further take advantage of benefits requested by triggering your already downloaded app to open, effectively disrupting decisions in a hyperlocal space – driving existing app users towards the location’s offer and away from competitors

  • Connects to Android and iOS smartphones
  • Triggers a ring and vibration like any other message or call
  • Reminds app users that they’re nearby a brick and mortar store that they prefer
  • Because the user has given permission during the download, each rich media message can be customized with the user’s name as well as other metrics collected during prior sessions (i.e., preferences), enabling you to deliver uniquely individualized content

Ask about the case study in Paris that enjoyed

  • A 66% open rate of the NOTIFICATIONS
  • Triggering up to 40% new customer acquisition