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Apple iOS 11 has landed in conjunction with three new iPhones and for those not prepared to bow to Apple’s significant price hikes, iOS 11 is the biggest and best free upgrade your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will get all year.

iOS 11 is here and it brings a lot of new features, especially for the iPad.

Who Is iOS 11 For?

iOS 11 is compatible with the iPhone 5S or later, iPad mini 2 or later and the 6th generation iPod touch or later. This means three models have been cut loose since the final version of iOS 10.

The Deal Breakers

As always with any new iOS release, jailbreakers beware! iOS 11 breaks all current jailbroken iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. Jailbreakers have made progress in recent months cracking latter iOS 10 upgrades, but right now there is no break for iOS 11.

As for initial problems, so far they are few and far between. Of them, one comes straight from Apple which surprisingly admits Bluetooth and WiFi cannot be fully disabled in iOS 11. Meanwhile, there are a few complaints about battery life hits and syncing email over Exchange protocols (tip: if you’re affected use a different client like Outlook or Gmail).

So What Do You Get?

Like all generational upgrades, iOS 11 brings a lot. You can see a detailed list here as well as 25 of the best secret features.