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Hyper-Local Proximity Marketing and More

What if you could join a network of connected “Smart Communities” and deliver your custom, personalized content instantly?

Aventure delivers personalized hyper-local content, customized for a high impact customer journey, packed with relevant information and a call to action.

We coordinate your marketing needs, to people nearby, to your digital screens, your website, and your entire social network.


Welcome to Aventure

As the future of marketing, advertising, customer engagement, and branding, Aventure brings fully integrated, enterprise-wide cloud technology, driving traffic to your store, your website, and your social media.

With Aventure’s solutions, you control your own wireless broadcasting network. Now you can deliver menus, coupons, discounts, videos, product advertisements and more – right to your customer’s phones – as they approach your storefront.

Aventure can easily create a custom Smart Community app for you.

Or, simply extend the capability of an existing app working in conjunction with our hyper-local custom campaigns.

Push Notifications on a Locked Screen

Relevant, Unobtrusive, Timely

Buy Online and Pick Up in Store

See ONLY the Notifications YOU Want

A Seamless, 360-Degree Interactive Customer Experience

Easy to Customize Templates

Platform Marketing Ideas and Support

A Comprehensive Marketing Solution 

Capture Lost Foot Traffic

Our state-of-the-art Social Retail connectors allow you to send proximity-based notifications, special offers and discounts to the smartphones of customers passing near your stores.

Enhance & Track the Customer Journey

Once in store, our connectors allow you to track their entire Customer Journey.

Manage Everything From One Place

Additionally, our Content Management System and Ad Server allows you to manage your digital signage and push loyalty program signups to customers at your cash wrap, capturing them when they’re most likely to join.

Smart Marketing

Create easy navigation for your visitors using digital signage and smartphone notifications


Push offers, deals, and discounts directly to visitor phones as they pass by shops


Send notifications with information when close to a landmark (museum, church, official building..etc)


View public service announcements (floods, evacuation, etc.)


Provide travel guides


Update arrival times and delays of public transportation


Social & Inbound Marketing

Draw customers to your products and services with the power of inbound marketing.

Mobile Nearby Marketing

State-of-the-art video and “smart” ads transmitted to every smartphone passing within 300-feet of your business

Aventure has identified the most robust and effective beacon (aka Connector) hardware.  We made sure they can operate as a connected and coordinated mesh.

  • Indoor beacons have an adjustable range for total control and optimization.

  • From just a few feet to across a large room, indoor beacons are highly customizable.

  • State of the art long-range beacons cover a distance of 100 meters+ and are weatherproof.

  • Work in conjunction with Geofencing for a seamless experience

  • Provide customer acquisition and motivation 24/7.

Partner with Us

Aventure (“great journey”) is our dream to partner with people just like you—who live to deliver a result called better. And to make things better, we risked becoming different. We chose to think, act, and yes, believe, differently. Better is why we get up in the morning—and why we, too often, work late into the nights and weekends.

Helping our partners better those around them—through media and technology—is how we make a difference in this world.

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Aventure Media has played a very important role in our strategic planning. Their insightful suggestions and attention to detail were essential in bringing a new product to market for one of our anchor clients.

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